Mixed Martial Arts

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Welcome to MMA @FightSportsUK

The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA Essex) classes are ran by Wayne Guest and overseen by Mark Fry.

If you want to take your martial arts training to a higher level look no further than this MMA Essex based gym in Harlow. Mixed Martial Arts (commonly referred to as “MMA”) is a sport (popularised by the UFC).  Two fighters attempt to defeat each other by utilising a wide variety of techniques, including striking, wrestling and grappling.

This class blends the key elements of Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and conditioning. MMA is growing fast and our MMA Essex located classes are friendly, open to anyone no matter what experience and level.  It is a great class for students wanting to get fit and learn an all rounded discipline.

We have 100 square metres of Sama matted grappling space, 16foot MMA cage, 16foot boxing ring, 5 punch bags and the MMA team is growing fast.

Welcome to FightSportsUK MMA Team